About Us

Our Statement 

‘ In applying the same treatment processes and care required to enable an elite athlete to return to high performance we offer a gold standard service to address a problem and enable our clients to also return to high performance, whether that be on the football pitch, running a marathon, recovering from hip replacement surgery or working comfortably at a desk’.

Anna Barnsley Physiotherapists are proven experts in our field. We work with elite athletes and high profile media clients. 

Your appointed clinician is knowledgeable enough to take you through your treatment process from start to finish. We do not believe in fragmenting the 'hands-on' treatment phase and the 'exercise and rehabilitation' phase by using two or more physiotherapists. Your personal physio will get to know your problem from the start, give you continuity of care and will guide you back to full fitness. We have links to renowned complimentary therapists to add additional value should you need them and a team of fitness experts to keep you there once you've recovered.

The why as well as the what

Anna Barnsley clinicians will fully analyse a problem in order to identify its origin.  We recognise that just treating the symptoms (the what) as opposed to addressing causative factors (the why) is a bog standard and limiting approach. We keep you informed of our thought processes and plans so that you can be confident  in the analysis of your condition and the approach to your treatment. 

Body Protection

Anna Barnsley clinicians take their clients beyond the point of zero symptoms by introducing you to the concept of body protection. Our aim is that you are able to return to sport and/or everyday life without the fear of your problem coming back. If, as a sports team Physio, we put someone back onto the pitch and their injury recurred within a few matches, we would lose our position. Why? Because we’ve not done our job. 

High Performance = Stronger, Fitter, Faster

By applying the Body Protection Philosophy, we also enable our clients to return to their sport or activity with an enhanced ability to perform that task. The pain of injury and dysfunction is turned into a positive opportunity for top-function.