Receive treatment from highly skilled, experienced clinicians.

All Physiotherapists hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy, which takes 3 years. Following this, we spend approximately two years rotating through different disciplines of physiotherapy, much like the junior doctors will do, before specialising.

Anna Barnsley Physiotherapists hold First Class Honours Degrees which means that they qualified at the top of their year.

Our clinicians are proven experts. None are newly qualified. They work with elite athletes and high profile clients.

We are committed to professional development. We maintain up to date knowledge and the latest treatment techniques. We meet every week to share knowledge and ensure that our patients are getting the best care. We also watch and evaluate each other's treatment sessions just to keep us on our toes, something that rarely happens for most physios once they are qualified. 

We are involved in research and teaching, and are utilised by television and radio (Sky/BBC) as an expert resource.

We also have a network of experts to utilise should you need them; consultants, sports physicians, podiatrists and personal trainers.