Myofascial Mania

Fascia- what is this ‘mystery’ tissue that is getting Musculoskeletal Geeks talking?

Traditionally, it has been assumed that the main players prone to ‘going wrong’ and causing pain and injury in the human body are the skeleton, the muscles and the nerves. It was assumed that Fascia was merely packaging, an inert cling-film wrap surrounding the main players, one to be stripped away and discarded during dissection, its’ role in the body massively underestimated. Until more recently…

Simple Post-Marathon Recovery

Here are some simple, early steps from Anna Barnsley Physios to help you recover from months of training and getting over the finish line. Treat your body well. It deserves it!

  1. Keep moving

Once you cross the line, try to avoid the temptation to just stop and crash. Wind it down, walk around for at least 15 mins and give your body a chance to start dealing with the by-products of endurance exercise and to return to its resting state.

Runners Shouldn't Just Run!

Amy, based at Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy Richmond and Chelsea, explains how to get the max out of your training...

Low Back Pain and Pregnancy; prevention and advice

Low back pain and pelvic pain in pregnancy is often thought of as inevitable, but that’s not always the case, especially if you have the chance to prepare your body for pregnancy. A quote from an Indian Kundalini yoga teacher was passed onto us recently and it got us thinking...

“Life does not start in your womb on the first day of conception.  Look at the natural law.  We build a house first, fix it up, then enter it.  Nobody digs the ground for a foundation and then moves the furniture in ”

Let's Talk About the Pelvic Floor!

Amy Martin of Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy has some advice for us ladies. Let’s Talk about the Pelvic Floor!

Back to Basics- dealing with back pain.

I have observed a worrying increase in the number of people seeking help for back and neck pain in the last few years -on top of a problem that is already epidemic. Economic pressures; even more time spent at desks, stress, and less time spent exercising may be to blame.

What Happens When We stretch?

Anna Barnsley Physio, Dave Palmer, will tell you!!

Crunchy Knees? What is Crepitus?

Crepitus is a crunching or grinding sensation within the joint, often described as sounding and feeling like rice-crispies crunching.

It is also worth noting that sometimes this term is used to describe a popping sound or sensation in the knee. However, to me this is something quite different and comes from a build up of gas bubbles within the joint popping under compression, or a tendon not gliding smoothly or possibly a meniscal tissue tear.


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