Ankle Inversion Injury- A First Hand Experience. PART THREE


WEEK 1 – 2

The swelling has significantly reduced however I still have a lot of swelling around the ATFL (Anterior Talo Fibular Ligament- ligament on the outer ankle, towards the front) and anterior capsule (​soft tissues at the front of the ankle). ​The pain is certainly easing.  I have spent the last 4 days cycling to work which I have felt has made a huge improvement in my ankle movement.  Also by having it gently moving from dorsiflexion to plantar-flexion I feel it’s really helped get the swelling down.  It ached for a while when I got home after a day of cycling but that no longer seems to be the case. 

I have been trying to gently mobilise the ankle actively into inversion just as pain allows and this is still very painful although I am probably getting a little bit further before it starts to hurt each day.

I am quite happy with how things are going so far, but the only thing that concerns me is that when I try to perform a calf raise on the left I get quite a sharp pain in the posterior part of my ankle, what feels like the anterior articulation of the Calcaneus (heel bone)  I get this pain after only about an inch of movement off the floor which stops me from going any further.  I have also noticed a lot of clicking.  When I go into plantar flexion I feel a click around where the ATFL is.  And going into a weight bearing plantar flexion I get more of a clunking feeling in the posterior aspect of my ankle, the same place where I get the pain.

I’m going to start doing some single leg stands now to start on the proprioceptive (balance mechanisms) training and continue to stretch into inversion to get my full range of movement back.

Week 2 - 3

I am now walking without any real pain in the ankle.  I will still get the odd clunking feeling which seems to come from that same posterior medial aspect of the ankle.  I am now starting to feel the ankle actually “working” when I stand on one leg, even though it is a bit sore when I do that.  I still can’t get much higher than an inch off the floor doing a calf raise until I get that pain in the back of the ankle, which I am growing more concerned about.

The swelling has gone down a lot, I am left with swelling at the ATFL area and the anterior capsule still and am going to try some self-massage to try and get rid of that as best I can.  I haven’t iced it now for a good 4 or 5 days and it hasn’t been aching in the evening.

Cycling really feels good, helps loosen the ankle in the morning and I am now longer getting any residual ache after a long ride.  I am starting now to add a little bit of over pressure into the inversion just until I feel a stretch and then holding it a little bit.  If I do that for about 5 mins the ankle feels a lot looser for the next hour or so and then it stiffens up again.

I plan to try and do some cardio exercise on the cross trainer over the next couple of days which I am hoping will be pain free.  I still can’t imagine running on the ankle for a good couple of weeks, as it still feels quite odd and as if I “don’t quite trust it”.