Blisters and Runners

It’s soooo frustrating when your training is hindered by something so simple, so small, yet so painful!  Blisters are a sign that your running shoes don’t suit your running style and your foot posture, or that the fit is incorrect. Therefore, all the advice that I’ve given regarding getting the correct shoes apply and this is your first port of call.

Once you’ve done this, then here are some other measures that may help;
• Treat yourself to some really good socks. My friends @runbreeze (no motive for recommendation other than I like their socks!) can advise you on this.
• Applying surgical spirit can help to toughen the skin, but it needs applying daily for about 6 weeks to really make a difference and is best not applied to a fresh blister! People report mixed results using this technique but it does work for some so is worth a try.
• Applying Vaseline can help to reduce friction between sock and skin.
• You can try applying Second Skin (this worked brilliantly with my rugby players) or Compeed plasters to prone areas. Both of these are also great to treat/allow current blistering to heal whilst you sort your shoes and socks.
• If the blisters are under the arch or on the top of the feet then you may have a fungal infection so see the pharmacist and/or your GP.

Finally, if, other than your blisters, your body is feeling comfortable, don’t change your trainers right before a race. It’s always best to get a few runs under your feet with new trainers before taking them into a competitive situation. It’s not a case of ‘breaking them in’, good trainers should feel immediately comfortable; more a case of checking that they are the right choice for you.