Ankle Inversion Injury- A First Hand Experience. PART FOUR

Week 3

I have managed to do a 45 minute work out on the cross trainer, which seemed to feel ok in the ankle, the only thing I seemed to struggle with was the immense boredom of spending 45 minutes on a cross trainer. When I got off the machine my ankle did feel rather stiff and  I had to hobble my way back to the changing rooms, but after a warm shower it was moving quite well again.

Ankle Inversion Injury- A First Hand Experience. PART ONE

On Wednesday 31st May, Dave, of Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy, sustained an inversion injury to his ankle. The following is an account of his experience, from injury to early management and rehab, and the 'psychosocial' effect of experiencing Injury from 'the other side'....



Achilles trouble with less than a week to go before the London Marathon?

I have a question from one of my Twitter followers; what to do when you have Achilles Tendon issues with such a short time before the London Marathon? Not much fun. So here goes.

Dynamic Warm-ups, presented to the runners amongst you but relevant to all sporty people!

There is much debate around the issue of using static stretching (holding the muscle in a sustained, lengthened position) as a warm-up tool for injury protection. A number of research papers found that it was associated with an increased incidence of injury and impaired function in tasks requiring maximal muscular strength. There is growing evidence to show that a reduction in muscle power of up to 25% occurs for up to one hour after static stretching.

John Brewer, Professor of Sport.

11 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

"I've known Anna for many years, and observed her working with high profile clients, as well as having had treatment from her myself.  She is highly professional in all that she does, and a great physiotherapist.  Getting treatment from Anna, or one of her team, is a guarantee that you will be getting first class treatment from people with the right qualifications, giving you the best chance of making a full and sustainable recovery." John Brewer,  Professor of Sport, University of Bedfordshire

Physiotherapists for the Take That Progress Tour 2011

10 Apr 2012 - 12:00am

Anna Barnsley’s Physiotherapy team were involved with Take That’s Progress Tour. We spent the preceding months working with Jason and Howard, treating and resolving old injuries and getting them physically fit for the demanding break-dancing element of the show.  We were privileged to join them on tour, when, alongside working with the band, we provided acute injury management and implemented injury prevention techniques for their dancers. 

Problematic Hamstrings Runners? Here's how to avoid them!

Most runners will have experienced muscular injury at some point whether that be a sprain or the familiar feeling of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) following an over exuberant training session. The hamstrings, a set of three muscles at the back of the thigh, which bend the knee and extend the hip during the push-off phase of running, rank as the most problematic of all the muscles in the body.

The three most common hamstring-associated injuries seen in runners are;


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