Anna's Story

We’re not big but we are clever!

We were big, once upon-a-time. Anna founded Kinesis, a renowned and multi-faceted Physiotherapy and fitness company in 2003.

Now she has gone back to doing what she does best; spending more time on her clinical work, hands on, with her patients; mentoring and developing a small team of staff and keeping the business client focused, which is also where she is happiest. 

'I have been fortunate enough to have worked with many amazing people through my career (so far!) and to have experienced incredible diversity in my work, from the sweat, blood, mud and adrenalin of elite rubgy to the unique buzz and privilege of taking care of pop stars on long and exhausting tours. I have experienced the bonkers but fun world of television and radio and have taught many inspiring physios on their path to deliver treatment with experience, care, conscience and expertise.  But ultimately  it's always about the same thing. Appreciating the high of making someone better, fitter, stronger, faster. And that's life changing.'