"I can honestly say that was the best physio session I have ever had. Anna knows how to address not only the physical but the energetics of the body. My chakras were on fire when I left! I can't say how thoroughly nurtured and cared for I was. I really enjoyed it"  Abi Adams, Yoga Teacher. 

My wife and I are both big fans of Anna's approach to physiotherapy and healing - her thoughtful treatments and detailed fitness programmes have produced great improvement to our various chronic problems and made a real difference to our lives; always cheerful and supportive, she gives her patients hope for the future and the courage for further advancement." William and Catherine Wells

“Anna has all of the qualities you should want in a physio: she combines the skills of a detective in analysing your problem with the hands-on skills of a top (if slightly sadistic!) masseur and the training skills of a great PE teacher. She is also a delightful person to spend time with. It is not surprising that she inspires such loyalty on the part of her clients.” Matthew H 

Dave has been brilliant in sorting out my sciatica. I was a little unsure at first about trying acupuncture but it really worked and fast! He is really professional and I highly recommend him. Thanks Dave! Esther W

"I've known Anna for many years, and observed her working with high profile clients, as well as having had treatment from her myself.  She is highly professional in all that she does, and a great physiotherapist.  Getting treatment from Anna, or one of her team, is a guarantee that you will be getting first class treatment from people with the right qualifications, giving you the best chance of making a full and sustainable recovery" John Brewer,  Professor of Sport, University of Bedfordshire

I am writing this e-mail to say a massive thankyou. For the first time for as long as I can remember I have enjoyed feeling human, and free of pain. It is very difficult to articulate what a liberating experience that actually is! It might be a little too early to get excited, but I have had around 1 week where I haven’t experienced any issues and have woken up, in the main, without the need to straighten myself out. I haven’t even had any stumbles provoking the usual back pain shockers.I am actually thinking it could be feasible to play golf again or take up sailing and take part in "life" again. Your magic seems to be working on someone who as you know was so close to giving up hope of finding a cure. What am I supposed to say that covers it?? I thought you should know nevertheless. P Dee

"I became a patient of Anna's in December 2011. Over the years I had suffered with a back pain that came and went  but had never done anything about it. Then, in December last year I had the worst bout I had ever had and was completely incapacitated. Anna was recommended to me so I made an appointment. After an initial consultation where Anna done a very thorough job of understanding the history of my problem, as well as a physical examination she started treating me and at the same time put together a simple exercise regime that would help to avoid the problem returning, with the added benefit that the exercises would help in other areas such as posture and core strength. Happily the benefits were immediate and I have had no recurrence so far. Anna is an extremely competent, considerate and highly professional physiotherapist and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others." Mark F R, MD

Dear Anna, Just thought I should drop you a note to thank you for the exceptional work you did for me during the gruelling Hercules programme. I have been very privileged during the last 22 years to have been an International Biathlete. During this time I represented Britain at the last 6 Winter Olympic Games also at 11 Biathlon World Championships and over 300 World Cup races. Many physiotherapists have worked with our team over the years, so I believe I can make a judgement on top class physios. I can say with confidence you are top of the class. When you think back to the serious injuries I picked up during the incredible days on Hercules, it was quite amazing how I pulled through it all. I believe your total confidence, calmness and correct treatments under extreme pressure played a huge part in my winning the show. I know all the other athletes held you in such high regard as well. Best regards, Mike Dixon, Biathlete

"Thank you for the outstanding care and fixing my back not once but twice Dave Palmer . You are clearly the best for me. I have been to you twice for my lower back problem. Your knowledge and expertise along with positivity helped me get back to my feet in less than three sessions. Your after care is first class. You have always been a patient listener and discussed the progress and options . You are always full of encouragement even in the most painful periods in the process. I can say that I look forward to my visits and find lower back pains easy to deal with. Thanks David Palmer, thanks ever so much." Deepti B 

I originally came to see Dave with a sprained ankle. I do a lot of cross country running but kept twisting my ankle on the trails. It eventually got so bad I couldn't even walk on it so I decided it was time for treatment. In my first session, Dave uncovered a whole load of other niggles I'd accumulated through athletics. He referred me to a specialist for my ankle and treated everything else. I'd had shin splints for 3 years (including 3 stress fractures) and never managed to get rid of them. We used acupuncture and my shins cleared in a few weeks. Regular physio is definitely the best thing I could have done for my running. Dave manages to spot and treat an injury before it happens so I can keep healthy and keep doing the sport I love.  Daniella M

"Anna Barnsley has treated me for various problems since 2005, including postural, pelvic and pregnancy related issues.  She takes great care and time to fully understand the problem and causes.  This holistic approach, combined with her depth of knowledge and experience enable her to better diagnose the problem and recommend effective treatments.  I have always felt reassured and informed because of Anna’s clear and simple communication style.  She has achieved results with me which others have not" Bree P

I have sought treatment from Anna Barnsley Physio on two occasions; initially for treatment of an ongoing shoulder problem.  Having suffered for years with this problem I believed it to be a condition I would have to live with.  I was thrilled that after only a few sessions there was considerable improvement and a year later I am still pain free. The second occasion was to alleviate lower back pain which had developed as my pregnancy progressed. The treatment and exercise plan alleviated the discomfort for the rest of my pregnancy. I cannot recommend Anna Barnsley and her team highly enough. Their consistently empathetic, patient and meticulous approach ensured consistently good results.  I have no hesitation in recommending her and her team for treatment.  Candy J

"I am 53 years old and had back problems over the years and Anna has been by far the best clinician I have ever come across, so much so, I would never consider ever going to anyone else. Her knowledge and expertise are second to none." A Marks