Q: I have medical health insurance. How do I claim for my physiotherapy treatment?

A: Most Health Insurance policies cover physiotherapy treatment. This includes any of the types of treatment, for example acupuncture, that your physio may use to address your problem. In order to validate your treatment you will need to do the following;

Most companies (but not all) require that you obtain a referral letter from your GP or Consultant. Ask your GP/Consultant if they will refer you to Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy for treatment (do not use the individual physio's name).
Call your insurance company. They will advise you as to their individual procedures and give you an authorisation code. On your first visit, we will require the following details;

  • Name of your Insurer
  • Authoristation code
  • GP details
  • Excess amount

At Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy we bill your insurers directly so unless you have an excess on your policy there will be nothing to pay. However, policies do vary and it is up to you to check your available allowance for treatment.