Q:What will happen at my first physiotherapy appointment?

A: Your first appointment lasts 45 mins - 1 hour and involves an initial detailed consultation so that your physiotherapist can acquire the relevant details regarding your condition. They will then assess you in order to diagnose your problem and identify any problems that may be causing it.

In the treatment room we carry out all or some of the following;

  • A postural alignment assessment
  • Functional stability tests
  • Functional mobility tests
  • Balance and body awareness tests (proprioception)
  • Muscle Flexibility assessment
  • Joint Mobility assessment
  • Neural (nerve tissue) assessment
  • Specific muscle activation tests

Please be aware that you will need to undress to your underwear for this stage of the assessment. If you are really not comfortable with this then please bring shorts and a close fitting vest-style top with you and let your Physio know that you would like to change. You can also change beforehand in our changing rooms. We want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Following the assessment, we will discuss our findings with you, give you a diagnosis and discuss an appropriate treatment approach/plan with you.

Time allowing (this depends upon the complexity of your condition), your Physio will also commence your treatment programme with you.