Anna Barnsley Physiotherapy offers the following services:


Assessment and treatment from highly skilled chartered physiotherapists. Using extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology  and biomechanics you will be provided with a thorough analysis of your problem along with a treatment programme designed to include strategies for further prevention.

Sports Massage

Ideal for relieving muscular tension whether you are sports oriented or not!


Used to treat a variety of injuries and pain syndromes based on both Eastern and Western philosophy, acupuncture can be administered as a treatment in its' own right or as part of a physiotherapy programme.


This treatment is based on the principle of reflexology but is administered by a trained medical practitioner such as a physiotherapist. It is a gentle method of treating imbalances within the body through stimulation of the corresponding reflex points on the feet. Used as both a treatment method and as a preventative and well-being measure, it is effective for many conditions.

Healthy back/body checks

Why wait until you have a problem? Come for a trouble-shooting assessment in which potential problem areas can be identified and strategies such as postural correction and home exercises can be implemented. This assessment session is particularly useful if you are considering resuming or taking up a new sport or activity.

Sports MOT

Thinking of running a marathon this year? Going on a ski or snowboard trip? Want to improve your golf? Come for a trouble-shooting assessment in which potential problem areas can be identified and strategies to improve muscle control, postural alignment and efficiency can be implemented, in order to get the maximum out of your training or holiday and to prevent injuries.

Postural education

Poor postural habits account for a large percentage of spinal and joint problems, causing overloading and wear and tear and making you more susceptible to injury. We will assess and help you correct dysfunction in order to deal with a current problem, or simply for future injury prevention.

Ergonomic Assessments

Poor workstation set-up both in the home and work environment can lead to bad postural habits, neck and back injury and repetitive strain. Have a qualified physiotherapist assess your workstation, implement and suggest changes and adapt your posture for longer- term health.

Pilates, Yoga and Personal Training

We work closely with teachers and personal trainers (or with your existing trainer should you wish) to meet our client’s specific treatment needs; whether that be to aid recovery from Low back pain or to maintain fitness during pregnancy. Individual sessions allow for close monitoring and excellent results.